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Inconel 718 Round Bar
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Inconel 718 Round Bar

INCONEL® 718 - Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum Superalloy We can provide our clients with Inconel Tubings in various diameters and lengths of bright finish. These are of imported make and of fine quality.They are available in various Inconel Grades like Inconel 600 / 625 / 718 / 800 / 825.

Inconel 718 is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy that has been designed to resist a wide range of severely corrosive environments, pitting and crevice corrosion. This alloy shows significantly high tensile, yield and creep-rupture characteristics at high temperatures. This nickel alloy is used from cryogenic temperatures up to long-term service at 1200° F.

An exclusive feature of Inconel 718’s composition is that nobium is added to allow age hardening that allows welding and annealing without spontaneous hardening during heating and cooling. Adding nobium acts with molybdenum to stiffen the alloy’s matrix and offer high strength without a strengthening heat treatment.

Other famous nickel-chromium alloys are age hardened by adding titanium and aluminium. This nickel steel alloy is fabricated readily and may be welded in either the precipitation or annealed age-hardened condition. This super alloy is used in a range of industries such as chemical processing, aerospace, pollution-control equipment, marine engineering and nuclear reactors.

Chemical Compositions :

Ni Fe Cr Cu Mo Nb C Mn P S Si Ti Al Co B
50.00-55.00 Remainder 17.00-21.00 .30 max 2.80-3.30 4.75-5.50 .08 max .35 max .015 max .015 max .35 max .65-1.15 .20-.80 1.00 max .006 max

Other Specifications :

Sheet/Plate Bar Wire
B670 B637 -

Major Applications :

  • Pollution-control equipment
  • Nuclear reactors
  • Cryogenic storage tanks
  • Valves, fasteners, springs, mandrels, tubing hangers
  • Chemical processing
  • Aerospace
  • Liquid fuel rocket motor components
  • Well head completion equipment and blow out preventers (BOP’s)
  • Gas turbine engine parts.

Jainex Steel and Metal exports Inconel 718 Round Bar to countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Iran, United Kingdom, Italy, Israel, Russia, United States Of America, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Phillipines.

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