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Monel K400 Alloy
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Monel K400 Alloy

Monel K400 is just one of the specialty steels available at Jainex Steel & Metal . Like most of the products they offer, Monel k400 is available in a variety of shapes and sizes, both pre-cut and custom forged. And if for some reason you don’t see the particular form or grade of Monelk400 that you are looking for, contact Jainex Steel & Metal Solution Team and they will special order it for you whenever possible.

All Metals & Forge supplies Monelk 400 to a variety of companies in the marine, oil drilling, and chemical processing industries. Valued for its strength and durability in the face of natural and chemical corrosives, Monelk 400 is also cheaper than nickel and easier to work with. All Metals & Forge carries Monel k 400 in pipe, plate, sheet, wire, and many other forms.

While many specialty steel suppliers simply offer pre-cut alloys in a limited amount of forms and sizes, Jainex Steel &Metal provides an extensive product listing for their clients. Their Solution Team strives to combine responsive service, competitive pricing, and fast delivery on even the most detailed orders. Gone are the days of the adversarial sales rep/client relationship; at Jainex Steel &Metal , the Solution Team is there to help.

What are the characteristics of Monel K400 Alloy?

  • Resistant to seawater and steam at high temperatures.
  • Excellent resistance to rapidly flowing brackish water or seawater.
  • Excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking in most freshwaters.
  • Particularly resistant to hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids when they are de-aerated.
  • Offers some resistance to hydrochloric and sulfuric acids at modest temperatures and concentrations, but is seldom the material of choice for these acids.
  • Excellent resistance to neutral and alkaline salt.
  • Resistance to chloride induced stress corrosion cracking.
  • Good mechanical properties from sub-zero temperatures up to 1020° F.
  • High resistance to alkalis.

Monel K400 Alloy can easily be welded by gas-tungsten arc, gas metal arc or shielded metal arc processes using appropriate filler metals. There is no need for post weld heat treatment, however, thorough cleaning after welding is critical for optimum corrosion resistance, otherwise there is the risk of contamination and embrittlement.

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