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Tungsten Bars
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Tungsten Bars

Divided forging molybdenum rod and polished molybdenum rod; forging molybdenum rod surface is allowed to have oxidize film and slight forging hammer mark; polished molybdenum rod surface presents metallic luster and has no oxidized phenomenon notably; The two surfaces have no defects, such as divided layer, crackle, burr and vertical crackle, etc.

Apparent Condition :

We can supply black rods, machined rods, grinded rods as customers’ requirement. It also can be manufactured as user’s drawing.

Specification :

It can be manufactured according to customers’ requirement.

Main Application :

mainly used for electric vacuum components and electric light source parts, high temperature heat parts, high temperature components, electric contact, etc.

Jainex Steel and Metal exports Tungsten Bars to countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Iran, United Kingdom, Italy, Israel, Russia, United States Of America, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Phillipines.

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